More than an hour of waiting and there was still no public transport going to Aguid / Bangaan. I asked the lady standing at the jeepney stop if there are still jeepneys coming; she replied that there are no jeeps in sight today and not sure if there are.  She suggested that we re-schedule our trip to Bomod-ok falls the next day because of better chances. Well, maybe because it was Sunday and no school class; majority of the passengers are students and teachers of Aguid and BangaanSchool .  We later found out that it was also the fight day of Pacquiao vs. Bradlley, no wonder that there were only few people outside their houses.

We came back the day after, and the lady was right, numerous jeepneys bound to Aguid  / Banagaan were already lined up, waiting for passengers. I am firmed on riding the public transport since we were only two, renting a private vehicle will cost us an arm and leg.  Travel time is approximately 20 minutes and fare is PhP 25 per head.

rice terraces from the view point

We alighted at the TouristInformationCenter in Bangaan, also the headquarters of Northern Sagada Indigenous Guides Association (NOSIGA).  NOSIGA is  a newly formed guide association who handles the guideship to Bomod-okFalls .  We paid PhP 500 for the guide fee.  The guides of NOSIGA are mostly middle-aged women from Aguid, Bangaan and Fidelisan Ate Lanie was our assigned guide.  She is quiet but patient. She is very eager to answer questions with regards to Bomod-okFalls and terraces of Northen Sagada.

Barangay Fidelisan

The first part of the trek was going down the cemented stairs that will lead you the concrete walkways. The walk provides the picturesque view of rice terraces. A few more walk will direct you to FidelisanVillage . This is a good stop for a quick rest and refreshment.  A fee of PhP 10 is being collected as conservation fee.

stairway of Barangay Fidelisan

oldest house in baranggay Fidelisan

After traversing the rice paddies, we had our first view of waterfalls.  Standing at approximately more than 150ft., one will feel the power of the big volume of water that falls from such a great height. I can feel the splatter of water on my face even from a far.  I dropped my things and sat on the big rocks while I delight my eyes with nature’s wonder.  I really had a hard time shooting it because of the water droplets that kept on spraying my lens and filters.

crossing the paddies

local harvest

Bomod-ok Falls

We can’t stay long as we need to go back via Aguid to catch the 12:30pm trip back to downtown.  The Aguid route is easier compare with Bangaan, it also offer a better of view Fidelisan Rice Terraces.

traversing via Aguid

Fidelisan Rice Terraces

home alone

Additional Information:
other name: Big Falls
how to get there: rental of private vehicle Php 550-600 or public jeepney PhP 25 per head 
trekking time from jump-off point to waterfalls: 1 – 1.5 hours
fee: NOSIGA guide fee PhP 500 (8-10 pax) and conservation fee PhP 10 at Barangay Fidelisan


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