This shot was taken from Diplomat Hotel in Dominican Road, Baguio. I was supposed to shoot the abandoned hotel which is famous for being a haunted place but it is now under renovation. Its façade was obstructed by a truck and construction materials with workers going in and out of the building. Yes, I can still shoot but I already lost interest that it doesn’t look eerie anymore.

I just enjoyed the view and fresh air at the terrace where the big cross is located. From this point, you can have a good sight of Baguio City and the brightly colored houses of Quirino Hill from afar.  It’s amazing how a hill can accommodate a large number of structures. I saw a similar kind of set-up in movies and magazines like Manarola in Italy where village with colorful houses is situated above the cliff; Pelourinho or “Pelo”, a world cultural centenary by UNESCO where the streets attractions are churches, shops, restaurants and pastel-hued buildings; Zacatecas in Mexico, a city located in a narrow valley with rows of colorful houses preserved over time to keep it authentic. My urge of traveling the globe to see these attractions is now gone because of the eye candy colorful houses of Quirino Hill in Baguio City as an alternative.

Where and When: Baguio City – October 7, 2012
Photography Gears: Nikon D7000 + Nikkor 70-300mm
Settings: 135mm, 1/500 sec, f8, ISO 100


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