Whenever I feel my photography skills gets rusty because I haven’t touch my camera for a long time, I go out with my camera for a walk along Roxas Boulevard.  I just shoot whatever subject that capture(s) my eyes. No high expectation that there will be beautiful sunset since it always disappoint me if there is none.

It is nice to see that there are now many ships harboring the bay. I can only remember 2 ships regularly staying in the area; a training ship for a local maritime organization and the one with letter the letter “E”.

I usually stay at the fences beside the Manila Yacht Club because I always use the parked yacht as part of my scenic background while sundown. I already lost count on how many times I shot Manila Bay Sunset, but there is only 1 photo I took that I really like (check out Sundown Manila). It is like a thief, it comes unexpectedly.

The Cultural Center of the Philippines is also good to shoot at night. There is a fountain in front of the facade and below the ramp. It is activated with lights if there are major events like Cinemalaya and other cultural shows. Take note that shooting the facade with DSLR and tripod is prohibited. We were approached by Security Guard and told us that a permit from the CCP Admin is needed. That kind of regulation is somewhat disappointing especially for photographers who just want to capture good photos. I actually had a discussion with the guard but there was nothing I can do, they are just following direction from superiors.

I normally end my my route at the Harbor Square. Unlike CCP, the area is photographer’s friendly (just don’t shoot the establishments). This is one of the favorite night photography spots not only for the beginners in  photography but also for the professionals. I remember going straight to this place after I bought my first ever tripod.


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  1. Whenever I was bored, always took a walk along the Roxas Blvrd. Sunsets were beautiful! Ahh, miss the Philippines so much!

    August 2, 2013 at 3:11 pm

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