I am a photography enthusiast. I have two cameras a DSLR and a point & shoot. Basically, my DSLR is my main camera. It is my primary weapon in shooting travels and concerts, most especially if it is an assignment or paid gig. I just can’t just shoot with only a DSLR body; I also need to bring the lenses. Sometimes I also need to include filters, tripod, remote trigger / intervalometer, extra batteries and extra memory cards. To think, I am a moody shooter. Sometimes, I don’t shoot if don’t feel like to, even the subject is there. Most of the time, I go home with just 15 to 20 photos maximum.

The size and weight of DSLR made me lazy in lugging it around, so I bought a point and shoot camera. A camera I bring and use for convenience. I can also now avoid the tease of my family and friends that I am selfish (madamot) for not bringing a camera if there are gatherings or occasion. They always think that since I love photography, my camera is always with me.  And when they found that I only brought my point and shoot camera instead of the DSLR, the blame is on me, that I should bring a more sophisticated one because I own one. My always reply is “my DSLR won’t me make you look good”.

They say that the best camera is the one always with you. In my case, it is my mobile phone. My company I am working for issued me a phone so I can be contacted 24/7. It is not healthy that I need to response on their call, sms and email after office, wee hours, weekends, holidays and even when I’m on leave, but it is part of my job.  The only advantage is, that I have unlimited internet outside (if there is a signal). I think mobile phone photographers are more prolific than other photographers. They are always alert on what is around, every moment is an opportunity. Most mobile phone cameras take just very simple photos and the quality is not that good. But it doesn’t matter; they’re a lot of applications to help you in turning it into something amazing.  Always remember “wala sa pana yan, nasa indian yan”.

Here are some of the photos I took using Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and processed either with Snapseed or Camera 360.

EDSA, shot from MRT Boni Station

Siquijor Port in panorama

window droplets

Colors of Aliwan Fiesta


Carriedo Street

Luneta –  Million People March

Deftones – Koi No Yokan Tour Manila

LRT 1 – Carriedo Station

Cultural Center of the Philippines

Zapote-Alabang Road

LRT 2 – Betty Go-Belmonte Station

Mt. Batulao

Mt. Pulag Grassland in panorama

MRT exit

Manila Bay


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