MPC_May_TondoAs Earth spins under the sky, the stars appear to move. When a camera captures that movement, that’s called a Star Trail. Star Trails are the continuous paths created by stars, produced during long time exposure photographs. Just like capturing the Milky Way, Star Trails are really really hard to capture in a place full of light pollution. Because of persistence, I attempted the improbable. After shooting for 3 consecutive mornings (1AM-4AM) and various experimentation of camera settings, I got the exposure that I wanted. I used an Inverted GND to control the highlights of the city lights and Intervalometer to automate the shutter release intervals.

This image is composed of 350 shots (stacked) in 25 seconds f4 or a total of 2 hours and 43 minutes exposure.


I’ve been missing the beautiful sunset the few days. The weather is acting up weird the past few days. My plan on camping at our rooftop will not likely to happen until there is a sign of favorable state of the atmosphere.

I searched my archives of photos, looking for a good sunset shoot inspiration. I stumbled upon this photo folder containing Manila Bay images that I took more than 2 years ago. As far I remember, that was day when I challenged myself to shoot landscape using a telephoto lens, instead of the usual UWA lens.

The photo above was created with 10 photos vertically stitched. You can view the full photo here.

Where and When: Manila Bay – April 30, 2011
Gears: Nikon D80 + Nikkor 70-300mm + GND Filter
Settings: 70mm, 1/50 secs, f4, ISO 100


I took this shot while riding a trolley / padyak coming from Pureza to Pandacan. Just like the sitcom series of the late King of Comedy, the photo shows the lives of the family living alongside the railroad tracks. I am very familiar with this kind of situation because I studied college in Polytechnic University of the Philippines. The main entrance of our campus is just few meters away from the tracks. I also have a friend who lives near the tracks, I actually experienced how their house shakes every time train passes by.

For me, it is not important what kind of house where you live in as long you as long as the family loves each other well and have a positive outlook on life.

Where and When: Sta. Mesa, Manila – June 14, 2009
Gears: Nikon D80 + Nikkor 18-70mm + CPL filter
Settings: 18mm, 1/80 secs, f8, ISO 100


One of my favorite activity is watching sunset, and to do it at the tallest building in Ortigas is simply spectacular. Maybe I was just lucky to have a friend who’s father is working as an executive in that building. He invited me for a quick photo session before he leaves for abroad. Though we already secured a permit, there are still some circumstances that our shoot might not push thru like rain and strong winds.

I can say that I will do everything not to miss any good photo opportunity like this.  Why? At the office,  I filed an under time, I pretended that I am very sick and need to see a doctor for check-up. They didn’t know that the doctor is my camera and this beautiful view.

Where and When: Ortigas – February 16, 2010
Gears: Nikon D80 + Nikkor 18-70mm + GND Filter
Settings: 18mm, 1 sec, f11, ISO 100


Whenever I feel my photography skills gets rusty because I haven’t touch my camera for a long time, I go out with my camera for a walk along Roxas Boulevard.  I just shoot whatever subject that capture(s) my eyes. No high expectation that there will be beautiful sunset since it always disappoint me if there is none.