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Sampaloc Lake is the biggest and most popular lake of San Pablo City.  It is considered as one of the premier tourist spot of the city.  Aside from that, aquaculture like fish culture in floating cages has become a growing industry here. At present, the shore of the lake is being developed as park.

The Tagaytay like weather in the morning is perfect while eating breakfast in one the restaurants around the lake.  We usually go here to shoot sunrise because of its picturesque view with Mt Banahaw in the background. But the feeling of calmness of the lake in the morning is what I like most.

Where and When: San Pablo, Laguna – September 17, 2011
Gears: Nikon D80 + Nikkor 70-300mm
Settings: 145mm, 1/160 secs, f5.6, ISO 100


After a failed sunrise shoot and visit to Japanese Garden in Caliraya, Laguna, we went to Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery. It is situated along Nagcarlan-Rizal road in front of Shell Gasoline Station. It was actually my third time here but I really wanted to go back  to shoot again since I don’t have a wide lens during my first visit and lost my photo files during the second.



It was supposed to be a Mt. Pulag climb last weekend but due to a not so good weather forecast and advise from my reliable contact there not to push through, I am glad that we didn’t. The original plan was replaced by this trip because I was really hesitant to pursue the climb. I’ve been to Pulag 6 times (5 via Akiki Trail) and had my most terrifying experience when a sudden change of weather happened during our climb in December 2006.  I don’t want to take the gamble again especially when I have first timers with me.



Sampaloc Lake - San Pablo, Laguna - 09/17/11

Sampaloc Lake is the largest of the Seven Lakes of San Pablo. Set against the backdrop of Mount Banahaw & Mount Cristobal. It is located at the back of San Pablo City Hall.  A mini park was made for the locals and visitors to view and enjoy the beauty of the lake.

Photography Gears: Nikon D80 + Tokina 12-24mm + GND Filter
Settings: 12mm, 2 secs, f13, ISO 100